Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Top 10 Tuesday time – a weekly bookish meme hosted over at
The Broke & The Bookish. Today the topic is:

Top Ten Bookish Pet Peeves
All those things that annoy you in a story,
with book covers, bookstores, etc.

This should be fun!

*Broken spines-I let a friend read one of my Stephen King books once. Her husband, being a fan, wanted to read it too. He bent the book back in several places and broke the back to pieces. I had to donate it to goodwill and purchase a new one. I don't guess I had to, but I couldn't stand it. Talk about ticked. I don't buy used books with broken spines either, paper or hard back.

*Dog eared pages - Please use a bookmark if you have one of my books. I actually lend them with a bookmark in them, just in case....

*Coffee cup rings - on book covers.

*Short Stories - I'm making myself read some short story collections this year. Usually I find that short stories just leave me - empty - wanting more.... especially if it is a good one.

*Books that are too long - with a lot of extra stuff thrown in just to make it long. I don't mind a long book if the story moves right along but please don't drag out scenes, add story lines that end up not adding anything to the main story......

*Modern slang in historical fiction - it's distracting

*Newest book in a series is hard back - when all the others have been paperback

*Bar code or other stickers - over prices on audio books or over the blurb.

*Books without a blurb - I want one even if it is a favorite author.

*The heroine who does stupid things - in the name of being strong and independent. Yikes!


Heather said...

I am so enjoying reading these Book Pet Peeves! Thank you so much for your post!

Books Are Life,

Cindy's Love of Books said...

Hi Sharon thanks for stopping by and commenting. You had a really good list.

I think all book lovers have the same list of pet peeves.

I know after reading everyone's list I am like oh ya that too.