Friday, January 1, 2010

Rating System

I've read several posts and comments lately about rating systems and it seems that people like a rating on the reviews they read. Therefore I have created one for my reviews which are here. I don't like to be critical of an author's work (I could never write and be published) so this rating system reflects only my feelings about on a book. Others may feel differently. Isn't it great to have such diversity in the choices of reading materieals we have?

Excellent. I liked everything about this book. This story grabbed me and kept me reading. I cared about the characters or really disliked the bad guy. I believe that you would enjoy it regardless of genre. Probably a keeper. Go get it.

A very good read, I really liked this story a lot, outstanding in some way. Check it out. Couldn't put it down.

This is a good read. Enjoyable and/or interesting. May be slow in some places or have some other flaw, but over all I quite liked it. Recommendation may be genre specific. If you like this genre you would probably like this book.

Eh. Average - so so. Go to the library and check it out.

D is for disappointing for some reason. Struggled through it.

I didn't like this book very much but I finished it anyway. Why? Probably because I paid for it. Not Recommended.

Did Not finish. Enough said.

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Rose City Reader said...

I always like reading how people assess their ratings. Obviously, all involve some kind of graded system, but everyone thinks about them differently.

I explain my system here.