Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Swapping Books Online - Help!

Bookmooch, Paperback Swap. Do you use one of these to trade books? Or another similar service? Which one do you like? Why? Which one do you like least? Why?

I usually trade at used book stores, but thought I might give one of these a try. Thanks for any thoughts you might have.


Cindy said...

Paperback swap is by far the best. There are forums you can also use to help you combine on shipping. If you want more info about, you can email me if ya want and I'll give you the lowdown! LOL. paperbackswap also has a wishlist I love! It goes in order.

bookmooch is ok, but its harder to get books from there with your points.


Jennifer (Crazy-for-Books) said...

I've only used PaperbackSwap, but I see no need to try another! I love PBS so much!! I'd recommend it to everyone!

Cathy said...

Another PBS lover here!

Sharon said...

Thanks for your help~ PBS seems to be the favorite hands down!

Teddyree said...

Wow PBS sounds really good, wonder if they do overseas swaps? LOL

PS There's an award waiting for you at my place The Eclectic Reader