Friday, December 4, 2009

Mary Stewart

I read a lot of her books in the 60's and 70's and remember wanting to read more and more. I've seen her books popping up in the book blog blogosphere. Needless to say, I'm considering reading some of them again. The one I remember as liking the most is Airs Above the Ground.

Which Mary Stewart novel should you read?
Your Result: Airs Above the Ground

Lovely Vanessa March did not think it was strange for her husband to take a business trip to Stockholm. What was strange was the silence that followed. Then she caught a glimpse of him in a newsreel shot of a crowd near a mysterious circus fire in Vienna and knew it was more than strange. It was downright sinister.

The Ivy Tree
Touch Not the Cat
Wildfire at Midnight
My Brother Michael
Nine Coaches Waiting
Madam, Will You Talk?
This Rough Magic
Which Mary Stewart novel should you read?
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Ladytink_534 said...

How come Moon-Spinners isn't on that list?! It's such a good book and it was adapted into a Disney film too.

Sharon said...

I wondered that myself, Ladytink! It was one of my favorites along with Airs Above the Ground!! Loved the movie too!

GFDesignz said...

Here is what mine said.

Madam, Will You Talk?


touch not the cat is my dh's saying (when translated) on his scottish crest (he is from dundee,, scotland)


ah...i gotta be should read ALL OF THEM!