Sunday, November 29, 2009

Treasure Hunt

Last week J. Kaye had a question: "My question is what is up with paperback books costing over $10?" Her question made me think about my own purchasing of books. I pay less than cover price for most of the books I buy. I hunt around at used book stores, online sources, and sales for books.

The first thing I do is to search for books I want. The used book sellers there will usually combine shipping. While there a couple of days ago I found the book
Dog Days by John Levitt and paid $5 for it. That includes shipping. At another provider at Half.Com I bought two paperbacks: Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs and Biting the Moon by Martha Grimes and it cost $8.38 inc. shipping.

Yesterday I hit a used bookstore I had some credit with. I used up all my credit and got three books for $3.63. They were:
1. Dogs Never Lie About Love by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
2. City In The Sky by Max Brand
3. Destry Rides Again by Max Brand
I've recently had a surge of desire to read westerns. I haven't really read westerns in years. Recently a friend got me interested in Robert B. Parker's three westerns Appaloosa, Resolution and Brimstone. They were great. They put me in the mood for more westerns!

At the same store I found Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater for 8.99, half the cover price.

So basicaly I got 9 books this week for $41.33. These were all books I've been wanting, all books I'm able to get off my wish list! Well, the westerns were just a general desire and I will be getting more. That averages about $4.60 per book during this little splurge of book buying. I'm set for awhile!

It seems that my book buying has become a treasure hunt!

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GFDesignz said...

That is so awesome and what a great set of bargains you made!

I love plundering thru used books and library sales!

Matter of fact my sister and I am off to a library sale tomorrow so stay tuned for a huge list tomorrow. lol I just cant help myself!