Sunday, November 6, 2011

October Wrap up

I haven't wrapped up a month in quite a while so this will include some reading thoughts from other months.

# In October I read my on hundredth book and thus completed my 100+ Reading Challenge!

# I read 9 books in October. One was a reread: Cujo by Stephen King. It broke my heart again. Three of them were the next installment in series I keep up with.
1. Cold Vengence by Lincoln and Child (the Agent Pendergast series)
2. Eve by Iris Johansen (the Eve duncan series)
3. Ghost Story by Jim butcher (the Harry Dresden series)

I read one classic last month: The Black Tulip by Alexander Dumas. I mainly liked it for the look into the culture of the tulip growers and "tulipmania."

# In the last few months I have finished The Chunkster Challenge, The Read Your Name Challegnge, The What's In A Name Challenge, and the What An Animal 4 Challenge

While I've read a lot of books (for me) I have quite a few challenges I haven't finished. Hope to knock two or three more of them out before the end of the year..

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