Friday, May 22, 2009

Kindle 2

I just ordered the Amazon Kindle 2! Actually my husband is getting it for me for my birthday. I am so excited. I even paid for one day shipping to get it here by my birthday.
Everyone that writes or blogs about it has liked it. I wish I knew someone around here who has one, but I don't.
If you have one please leave a comment about yours. How do you like it? Is it as easy to use as I've read? What accessories did you buy? What did you name your Kindle?


Teddyree said...

I don't have one but I'm green with envy. I've heard nothing but good about them. Happy Birthday if it hasn't already been LOL

Book Bird Dog said...

How do you like your Kindle so far? Would you recommend it? Are you using it as much as you think you would?