Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wonderful Wednesdays

Wonderful wednesdays is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Tiny Library.

This looks like anew meme so I thought I'd do it! The purpose each week is:

"...spotlighting and recommending some of our most loved books, even if we haven't read them recently. Each week will have a different theme or genre of book to focus on." This week's theme: a book you loved as a child.
We all have a book that we read over and over again as a child and still think of fondly as an adult. I loved this book as a kid, I remember reading it many times. There was action, adventure and yes, a little romance. I actually remember deciding to read it the second time and I couldn't wait to get back into it. I found the picture above orf the book and it looks just like the book I had as a kid. I think I still have it somewhere, and now I have to go look.

From Wikipedia: Set in the late 1580s, the film very loosely follows the real-life exploits of the 16th century Irish prince "Red" Hugh O'Donnell. The story begins when Hugh's father, the king, dies, leaving his son the throne of Donegal. With his ascension to the throne, an Irish prophecy is seemingly fulfilled which promises independence from Elizabethan and English rule. The O'Donnell lords see this occurrence as the opportunity to strike back at the foreigners by force, but Hugh convinces them the right plan is to band together with the other clans of the island, and bargain for their freedom from a position of strength. As he prepares for battle, O'Donnell also courts the beautiful Kathleen McSweeney, to further augment the clans of Ireland.


Sherrie said...

I've never read this book, but it sounds like it's got everything a child would love. Have a great day!

Just Books

Sam said...

Thanks for taking part! :D

I've never heard of this book but think I would have loved it as a child. If I see a copy, I'll definitely grab one and give it a go.

Trish said...

Action and adventure? This sounds like a book I would have enjoyed as a child too.