Thursday, November 4, 2010

All I Want For Christmas

"All I Want For Christmas" is a seasonal meme hosted by Danya at A Tapestry of Words. Every week until Christmas Danya invites bloggers to share a book on their wish list. Sounds like fun! The next book on my Christmas wish list is:

I read The Apothecary's Daughter by this author and enjoyed it. So I checked out her other books and decided I would like to read this one.

Olivia Keene is fleeing her own secret. She never intended to overhear his.
But now that she has, what is Lord Bradley to do with her? He cannot let her go, for were the truth to get out, he would lose everything--his reputation, his inheritance, his very home.
He gives Miss Keene little choice but to accept a post at Brightwell Court, where he can make certain she does not spread what she heard. Keeping an eye on the young woman as she cares for the children, he finds himself drawn to her, even as he struggles against the growing attraction. The clever Miss Keene is definitely hiding something.


The Mistress of the Dark said...

This looks like a good read! Hope you find it in your Christmas Stocking :)

danya said...

Thanks for linking up! If Santa puts this one under your tree, I'd be interested to hear what you think of it :)

Bev Hankins said...

Hope Santa brings it to you! Sounds interesting! Thanks for stopping by mine.

Reading Lassie said...

Sounds like a nice read! I would definitely love to hear what you think of it. Hope you find it under you Christmas tree. :)

Danielle @ Romance Book Junkies said...

This book sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out.

Thanks for stopping by :)